The kitchen witch path is all about using whole, real food from the earth to nourish and ground us. When we’re grounded, it’s easier to stay in alignment and offer higher vibrations to work our magic. That’s why when your root chakra is balanced, you feel whole, confident, and calm, which is the best place from which to manifest the abundance that we are meant to live. The root chakra is associated with the mantra “I am”, and is correlated with feelings of belonging and the color red. Eating red or dark brown foods that are hearty and packed with protein can help to balance and energize this part of you.

Your root chakra is out of balance when:
-You feel insecure
-You feel like the world is a scary place
-Resources (money, food, shelter, work) feel scarce

5 Easy and tasty recipes to balance your root chakra:

1. Tofu: Simple Veggie Tofu Stir-Fry

2. Beans: Speedy 3 Bean Salad

3. Beets: Beet & Berry Smoothie

4. Eggs: Mediterranean Omelette

5. Sweet Potato: Vegan Loaded Sweet Potato