Even though we have quick and infinite information at our fingertips with the help of the internet these days, there will always be something special about having a book in hand. Building your own library full of beautiful books to help you on your witchy journey is part of the fun, and helps strengthen your connection to your practice. Take notes in your books, circle or underline sections that speak to you, and of course, share your books with kindred spirits. Below is a list of books that every kitchen witch should have in her (or his!) hearth when starting out.

Best How-To:
tumblr_static_5gqtmra9wl0c8kscwksg8ck8o.png THE KITCHEN WITCH BY SORAYA (WAVERLEY BOOKS LTD)

The Kitchen Witch has information on everything from incense to seasonal recipes, with a chapter for every Sabbat. This one is less theory and is more like an easy handbook that’s perfect to flip through in a pinch. The recipes are doable (not full of hard-to-find ingredients) and are easy to read and execute. Basically, it’s a MUST for every witchy kitchen library.

Get your hands on it: The Kitchen Witch: A Year-round Witch’s Brew of Seasonal Recipes, Lotions and Potions for Every Pagan Festival

Best Book for Theory:

Cunningham’s Encyclopedia is less of a recipe book and more of a history about the relationship between magic and food. While there are some recipes and “Magic Menus”, this book is more about how the kitchen witch path came to be rather than a full-on, how-to guide.

Add it to your collection: Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Wicca in the Kitchen

Best Fun Read:
tumblr_static_5gqtmra9wl0c8kscwksg8ck8o.png EVERYDAY WITCHCRAFT BY DEBORAH BLAKE

Deborah Blake is all about making witchcraft accessible in your everyday life, no matter how busy you are. This book reads like talking to a good friend (who happens to be a total cat lady!), and is generally lighthearted and written in plain English. While this book isn’t strictly about being a kitchen witch per se, it captures the sentiment behind the kitchen witch path, which is that magic can happen any time and anywhere, not just on Yule or Samhain.

Make it yours: Everyday Witchcraft: Making Time for Spirit in a Too-Busy World